TEDxLincoln: Awakening Humanity

For those that missed the event, the video of my talk at TEDxLincoln is now available online (see link below).

It was inspired by my journey covering nearly 2,000 miles across Nebraska, stopping in small towns and speaking with residents about their lives, communities and stories. Traveling through conversations, I discovered that we awaken our humanity through the conversational engagement with others. That lesson is even more poignant now. How are you using conversation to awaken our common humanity? Let me know.

Click below to watch the video:

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I believe that conversation helps us to live better and work well.

2 thoughts on “TEDxLincoln: Awakening Humanity”

  1. Stuart, I just watched your Ted video. You know, we distant relatives did not really know what you do. I knew about the road trip, but what was the reason for it? Now I know a bit more. You really are a very good, relaxed speaker. Not as much of that English accent I heard years ago. Amy must have been working on you. Good job, Stuart.

    1. Aha! Thanks for the comment, Diane. The accent has, indeed, diminished over time, to the chagrin of my folks back in England. Thanks again for watching the video and I am pleased that the message struck a chord.

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