Thanksgiving Conversations

can_phonesConversation matters. It is fundamental to our human yearning to connect with others and to build community. We may feel overwhelmed by the inequities confronting us, disturbed by the acrimony of our polarized politics and troubled by local and global traumas, yet our innate desire for belonging and relating remains powerful. While the suggestion may seem recycled, I would encourage you to seize any opportunity over this Thanksgiving holiday to have an attentive, curious, thoughtful conversation with those around you. In that spirit, you might find encouragement in StoryCorps’s National Day of Listening, although you don’t have to record your conversations for them to be meaningful. It is as easy as being inquisitively present with someone and, with an open willingness, sharing your thoughts, feelings, experiences and opinions. Authentic conversation is a simple yet profound endeavor, and one that will surprise you.

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I believe that conversation helps us to live better and work well.

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