Conversational Chairs (and the Survey)

At the Joslyn Art Museum tonight, we experimented with the inaugural Conversational Chairs. This unique experience had twenty participants journey between ten conversation stations within the museum, stopping for around 8 minutes at the specified stations, where they encountered unusual environments, questions, and a fellow conversation travel partner…

The evening began and ended with a drink and snacks and had plenty of intimate conversation throughout. The conversation stations included the Witherspoon Performance Auditorium, the Fountain Court, the Library, the Founder’s Room, the cafe, a lobby outside a restroom, the corridor outside the Director’s Office and seating with works of art like Bierstadt’s Storm on the Matterhorn (here) and a Helen Frankenthaler.

This unusual cross between time limited conversation, movement, journeying through an unusual yet stunning museum space and a variety of conversation partners provoked an engaging, surprising and thought inspiring experience. I even discovered that the time from meeting to confessions was about 7 minutes 23 seconds…

Look for more Conversational Chairs events soon…


If you took part in tonight’s marvelous Conversational Chairs experience at the Joslyn Art Museum, please would you take the survey via the link below. Use the password provided at the event. Thank you!

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