Inhabiting a Neighborhood’s Stories

all that ever was, always is was a three-dimensional art intervention by Watie White installed at two condemned homes owned Habitat for Humanity and intended for redevelopment. The installation dynamically interacted with the stories, conversations and history of this North Omaha neighborhood and its residents, as interpreted by them and as shaped, in turn, by White’s work.

The collaborative and catalyzing nature of the installation was intended to and demanded engagement. Squishtalks conceived a series of three events comprising three outdoor conversation experiences during the Fall of 2014. They were hosted at a 30 foot long table flanked by six benches situated between the homes. Over the period of this engagement, a variety of local and broader city residents gathered and shared the stories they associate with or conjure regarding the space they occupy. Attendees met new people through a conversation-based method where they get to explore their own and other’s inner landscapes. People discussed how they saw their neighborhood and considered their relationship with this installation space.


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